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Blood Type Diet Takes Evolutionary Leap

I have permission from Broadway Books to distribute an excerpt from the revolutionary new book, "The GenoType Diet," by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, author of the blockbuster bestseller, "Eat Right 4 Your Type."

Dr. D'Adamo helped millions of people achieve better health through eating properly for their blood type. In "The GenoType Diet," his work takes an evolutionary leap. Based on years of research into human genetics, "The GenoType Diet" is a sophisticated approach to healthy eating and weight loss based on six common genetic profiles. Why six?

"Why are there four blood types," the author asks. He didn't make up these profiles -- they naturally surface through analysis of vast amounts of data connecting blood type, disease, and genetics. The six "GenoTypes" derive from genetically-encoded survival strategies that cause some people to hoard fat, others to be allergic to grains, others to have trouble digesting dairy products, and so on.

"The GenoType Diet" will help you quickly determine your GenoType using a simple questionnaire. Then Dr. D'Adamo provides nutritional guidance based on your genetic tendencies that can silence genes that trigger disease or weight gain while encouraging genes that boost immune response, retard aging, and so on.

The science behind gene stimulation and retardation is called "methylation" -- coating genes through diet to make them harder or easier to express. The excerpt I'm distributing explains how methylation works and how it relates to human nutrition.

You'll find the excerpt from "The GenoType Diet" at the following URL, or send me email and I will reply with the text -- and *only* the text -- no file attachments or opt-in mailing list jive:
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