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Eating like a hot chick

I just finished reading this awesome book called How to Eat Like a Hot Chick. I've been putting the strategies into place for the last day and a half, and while it's still forcing me to make changes in how I eat and live, they are good changes. The main idea is to live life in balance, and to remember how hot you are no matter what, and then treat yourself accordingly. Would a hot chick stuff herself with junk food? Nope. I've been snacking on roasted almonds, frozen yogurt, and putting parmesan cheese on pretty much everything. I had salmon, rice and pees for dinner, and I burned 300 calories at the gym this afternoon. As the new year comes up, I'm trying to remember that every little bit counts, like doing bicep curls while I watch tv. And I'm pinpointing my weaknesses and coming up with ways to fight them, like drinking tea as a way to combat my midnight munchies -- it gives my mouth and hands something to do. 2008 -- and my 25th year -- is going to be the best year so far, I'm going to make it that way. I have goals and I will reach them.
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