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Eating for One

 Even though my mindset of, I can eat whatever I want, disappeared like so much chocolate cake as soon as I'd delivered my baby, I have noticed that the physical habits that were caused by that mindset are not so easily dismissed. I've been so used to going back for seconds, eating when I was really more bored than hungry and chalking it up to the baby being hungry, all these things are going to bite me in my baby-weight booty if I'm not careful. I need to go back to the technique of letting my brain tell me when I'm full, not my emotions. After a reasonable serving of dinner, when the hunger has left the belly, but the desire to eat has not, it's a mental exercise to start telling myself, again, that no, you don't need to go back for seconds/thirds/etc., have a glass of diet coke if you're really still wanting to put something in your mouth. And it works. I had another half a glass of diet coke, and got up from the couch to get the laundry out of the dryer instead of eating more delicious home made mexican food. Now that I have enough distance from the meal, time-wise, I can tell that I'm not at all still hungry, that I was either thirsty or just wanting something in my mouth, because the soda did the trick. 

Since I still can't really work out, I have to be very mindful about what I'm eating, because my postpartum weight loss has plateaued at 201 (that's a 15lb loss since delivery), and I have another 50lbs to go before I'm at my goal weight. 
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